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Volunteer  Spotlight
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Auden joined Start 1 Spark in February as a copywriter and has quickly become our resident storyteller. A high school student in Chesterfield, she loves writing and excels in language based classes.  When Auden saw Start 1 Spark’s volunteer copywriter opportunity, she knew she had to try it.


“I love reading through the kids’ stories and seeing their different points of view on life. They never fail to put a smile on my face,” Auden says. Using interview notes, Auden highlights the students’ passions, voices, and dreams in the Monthly Sparks and other student-based stories on Start 1 Spark’s website and social media platforms. “I love seeing that I can actually make a difference in this world. It makes my entire existence feel more important,” she says. 


When she’s not writing, Auden is focused on her AP Latin studies, leading her high school’s World Culture Appreciation Club, or reading in her quest to break Goodreads’ 50 Books a Year challenge. By volunteering with Start 1 Spark Auden says she has “gained a greater appreciation for the arts in my community. I had no idea how deeply they affected people so young.”

It is Auden’s devotion to the arts and love of stories that has made her a perfect match for bringing to life the stories of Start 1 Spark’s students. With a dream of working in the communications field, we can’t wait to see how your story unfolds!

How You Can Help!


Do you have time and talent to contribute? Looking for a community service activity for school group or youth organization? Or like engaging the community through events? We would love to find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! Complete our volunteer interest form and see how you can start 1 spark!

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