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Volunteer  Spotlight
Lydia Altomare_edited.jpg

Lydia Altomare responded to my call (perhaps a plea!) for a volunteer photographer in July and what a welcome addition she has been! As a photography major at VCU, she is the perfect fit for capturing Start 1 Spark’s mission in action.


Growing up in Pennsylvania, Lydia was active in art and theater in high school. She enjoys creating art through photography, ceramic, and fiber mediums. Lydia’s professional focus is on portrait photography with a dream of working for magazine publications. When the opportunity to volunteer for Start 1 Spark appeared, Lydia said, “I hadn’t done much sports photography before this so this was a way to gain some experience shooting in that environment.”


Throughout the fall Lydia has visited both partner schools capturing the soccer team, football team, and cheerleaders in action. Her photos have been key pieces in our monthly e-newsletter, social media posts, and videos. As Lydia says, “Photographs are key to keeping memories alive and it’s so important to capture moments like soccer games. It’s cool to be a part of something that families will look back on later down the road.”


We couldn’t agree more and think it’s pretty cool Lydia’s a part of our Start 1 Spark community!

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