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Volunteer  Spotlight
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“Is there any chance you can provide snacks for our athletes?” asked the John Rolfe Middle School Athletic Director in April 2022. This simple question launched what has become our most popular and impactful program, Fuel for Fun. And the success of Fuel for Fun is predicated on one thing - YOU, our volunteers. Twice a month, volunteers drop-off hundreds of snack kits stuffed with a variety of proteins, fruits, and chip options. Tables overflowing with boxes and bags highlight the generosity of volunteers with their time and treasure. 


Volunteers represent the ideal that everyone can contribute to making their community a better place. Through the Fuel for Fun program, Jacob’s Chance has shown the special needs community is not just a recipient of kindness but can also give back to the community. A Richmond Strikers team assembled kits in between games during a tournament in honor of their teammate’s light and kindness. And even the little hands of kindergartners and first graders can assemble snack kits and support their community through school service days.


Volunteering is about connection and a sense of belonging which is perhaps why the Fuel for Fun program has been so popular. From small business teams and large corporate groups to VCU and University of Richmond student groups, volunteer participants have come together for a few hours to assemble kits while getting to know each other. This camaraderie shines through in the messages volunteers include in each snack kit. Themes of teamwork, perseverance, and optimism reflect the emotions of the volunteers at the time of the project and their belief in a brighter future.


Two years later, YOU - our volunteers - have purchased, assembled, and delivered over 8,600 snack kits for more than 1,150 student-athletes. The generous outpouring since January has given us the opportunity to expand to two more schools - doubling our partner schools. Thank you for nourishing not only our students’ bodies with healthy food but also their souls with the kind and inspiring messages of support.

How You Can Help!


Do you have time and talent to contribute? Looking for a community service activity for school group or youth organization? Or like engaging the community through events? We would love to find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! Complete our volunteer interest form and see how you can start 1 spark!

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