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Extracurricular Participation

Start 1 Spark provides students in need with the means to participate in extracurricular activities. These opportunities allow students to discover their passions, become leaders, develop communication skills, and explore creative outlets. While extracurricular opportunities exist, many still require a cost such as equipment, materials, and fees that prevent many students from being able to participate. These are barriers that our community has the power to resolve. Generous donations from our community can be a student's one spark!
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In the most recent statistical data collected, 45% of Henrico County Public School (HCPS) students and 40% of Chesterfield County Public School (CCPS) students are economically disadvantaged meaning the student’s family qualifies for economic assistance.  In these two counties alone, roughly 47,000 enrolled students may not be able to participate in academic, athletic, or artistic extracurricular activities provided through the school due to financial hardship.  Participation fees average $15, instrument rentals average $30 a month, and personal sports equipment costs vary greatly. 

Through 2022, community donations have









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"Making new friends"

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"Everyone was really nice."

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Calling all bakers! Join The Sweet Spot Bake Sale and introduce your sweet treats to the community! More details here or contact us with questions.

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John Rolfe Middle School instrument signing day with Start 1 Spark

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Partnership highlighted during HCPS April School Board Meeting


It started with one idea:
how to connect community members who want to help with students who need assistance. With lots of brainstorming and collaboration, Start 1 Spark was born.
The focus on extracurricular activities addresses a current need while developing the next generation. Extracurricular activities allow students to discover their passions, become leaders, improve communication skills, and explore creative outlets. These extracurriculars are more than a luxury, it’s an opportunity to reveal the student’s potential.

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