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School Activities

When middle school students participate in music, sports, and the arts, they discover new talents, grow in confidence, and develop leadership skills. However, for families in our area facing financial hardship, the cost of equipment and fees can be overwhelming.

Together, we can remove these barriers. With your help, Start 1 Spark provides students in need with the means to participate in their school's extracurricular activities.
Be the SPARK
Top needs
44% of public school students in Henrico and 38% in Chesterfield are economically disadvantaged and may not be able to afford what they need to join sports teams, play an instrument, or be part of school clubs.

Explore these opportunities to start a spark for Richmond-area students.
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Top Needs

With your help, Start 1 Spark has:






sports and music items



snack kits to hungry athletes

Monthly Spark

This Spark joined Falling Creek Middle School’s Elite Mentoring Program because they wanted to help the sixth graders have an easier time at the school. With some hard work and excellent communication with their fellow mentors, they feel that they have successfully gotten to know their peers. Being part of this program makes this Spark feel like one of the literally elite students at Falling Creek. This experience has opened their eyes to their fondness for observation and inspired a future career in Criminal Justice. The act of helping younger students actually helps the older ones too!

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In The News

John Rolfe Middle School instrument signing day with Start 1 Spark

Monthly Newsletter
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It started with one idea:
how to connect community members who want to help with students who need assistance. With lots of brainstorming and collaboration, Start 1 Spark was born.
The focus on extracurricular activities addresses a current need while developing the next generation. Extracurricular activities allow students to discover their passions, become leaders, improve communication skills, and explore creative outlets. These extracurriculars are more than a luxury, it’s an opportunity to reveal the student’s potential.

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