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Thank You!

An eighth grade student said those powerful words on a sunny May day. He was grateful for the opportunity to participate in the John Rolfe Middle School concert band. With bright eyes and a smile that lit up his face, this young man shared he would pursue music education after graduating from Varina High School.

His future is illuminated because YOU provided access to the opportunity.

Falling Creek Middle School students built friendships and character while building a LEGO robot. In their first competition, their teacher was proud of how students showed their sportsmanship by doing their best and celebrating the victories of their opponents. With their positive attitude and open mind, the team performed better than anticipated and discovered ways to improve for next year.

Life skills and relationships were formed because YOU provided the foundation for discovery.

When assembling snack kits for student-athletes, a volunteer asked her colleagues to send encouraging messages to include in the kits. The responses strengthened the connection between her and her colleagues and provided encouragement to budding athletes. Coaches repeatedly say how valuable the snack kits are to nourishing and uplifting student morale before games.

Students’ physical and emotional health has improved because YOU shared your resources and insights.

In just two years, your unwavering support doubled the number of partner schools and tripled the number of students Start 1 Spark reached. Building community requires community contributions, both financial and service-oriented, and I am humbled by the generosity and support you have given.

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